Coroner’s Report

A harsh light and my skin is screaming 

Do not uncover its secrets
This world
This audience.
Is not meant to see it
Naked and saited
With all of my effort wasted
I called on my sanity to never leave me
As people use and mislead we
Feeling the burden
Lungs heavy laden
Dizzy with Euphraxia
This drink made it all a bit hazier
A bit rosier
Let’s see if I can swallow easier
That wandering green spy found me
And all the marks forced on She
Caressing and soothing
Blood oozing, pain mounting
Yet I scream and smile, declare my love for this world
Try to forget the battle and Wednesday’s girl.

Try to force myself to forget The Hosts

Preying on my flesh.
I look them in eyes I have engrained in my mind
All I see is Circue du Soleil

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