Monthly Archives: September 2014

Blinding trees

Ever eaten something forbidden, just to taste what’s hidden?

The sweet nectar overflowing from the sides of one’s mouth, dripping into a pool of behaviour ever so uncouth

The discovery of something treacherously beautiful
But is it all worth it if it’s your soul that you lose?

Consumed in binding purple silk,
To choke me for a pleasure only known to my ilk

Flustered and disorientated

Nature drunk off ice

For this cannot be love

I’ve already had that one twice

Forgotten Glory

It’s funny the things that touch your soul
The things that break you

And make you mold.

Locs of tartar green and dusty demons
All created from these horrid feelings.

Shave my head and let my mind shine bright…

These Vines that grow from my mind never knew such height


Like a priestess ascending to her final transition,

My alpha eye looks toward the light
That my Locs may gain life…