Sermon of an Unbeliever

I actually don’t know what to do

How to behave or speak

Where my life stops and begins

How it even still continues…

I don’t know why I feel this way,

But this eternal condemnation I feel is not life

And is not the way to life

So I wonder if I can cut is short

My mind is a haze from which I cannot see straight

Those I considered friends have forsaken me

Those I never thought loved me for me, opened their arms to me

I am alone in this empty paradise called Life

Seeking a safe haven in my Mind

Of a God who loves me for me and how I live

Once upon a time, my soul broke


Stabbed into a million pieces

Still to this day I wonder if I may be able to have my sweet innocence back

Or has time consumed this along with all I had?

I am hurt.


But who do I turn to when I was told the one who created this World did this to me?

Plagues me because of who I am?

I need to let Them stop lying to me.

Stop condemning me and my mind.

The purity of it is mine.


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