Monthly Archives: March 2014

Manna from a Dirty Soul

You see I’m free.
I’m free from the elaborate chains you enforced upon me,
Decadent in all its splendour

That restrained and choked the life within me
All in the name of being Holy

So take it back.
If being this Holy Being takes away my humanity and leaves me lost and in pain

Take it and swallow it.

Like that paper pill that was meant to sedate and purify me.

See what your ill-fed doctrine led me too
Taking me away from all the light that I knew.

Taking Her from all the light she used to show

One day I pray you release her too…

But right now this Blue Phoenix is taking flight,
From all that’s dead and constantly killing

Over a field of Bodies I fly
Calling out musical notes of salvation

To find a place where my soul may reside in peace

A sanctuary not to be bought with my servitude or loyalty
But with My Love.

So let me swallow my own truth,
Even at the shock and exasperation of others

I am my Religion.

A Beautiful Protection

The Rose is blessed.

To be so beautiful yet to be surrounded by a love that guards it
Keeping at bay trespassers and oppressors

So its beauty may reign freely with pride

Only those that truly love the rose will risk the cutting of its thorns

One cannot be too hasty or fervent in its approach towards it

But must respect its being
In order for it to respect its spectator

And lover.

So I ask for a cloak of thorns to be placed over me
That none may take my beauty from me

Until I am ready to freely give it
For unlike the rose

I cannot be plucked,
Only given.

So let me comfort my soul.

African Nymph

Nothing but the torn clothes of numerous sailor men,

She waits

Beneath the depths of the sea
All whilst you’re wandering
Along this current of transformation and exploration.

All the while she waits for you to see her beauty.
Waiting. Waiting

You know not her name for she has none. Not one.
All you need is your memory, for it is the last you shall have after meeting her.
This creature.

You know not her name, but the memory of her lips
And she, knows not your name
She cares not for it
For now, she has your soul.

The sweet yearning her aura inspires

Laying upon that rock untouched
Supple and willing
Wicked yet alluringly innocent

Her voice sang an unknown song
A mythical weapon.

You hear her song and see her glorious beauty
Enchanting you, with no thought of dismay

That you are about to drown yourself
All just to lose yourself in the supple apex of her thighs.

You close your eyes and free your mind
She sees this and takes heed

And welcomes you into her lair

Into her rolling Sea…

Allowing you to lose sight of all you see