Ms Gray

To take pride in my vanity would be to declare death upon myself
To make a place in my heart for itself
Would raise armies unknown in individuals unbeknownst to them.

Some to save me
Some to protect me
But majority wish to enslave and control me

Pit me against myself
Hate myself so it gives them enough space in my heart to love me
And control me.

They have my heart so who am I to be?

A pillar of conceit created for the adoration and glorification and oppression of this vast civilisation
Taking all of what Venus and Osun could be
And washing away a star in my heart

Or will I spread my wings
And let this Phoenix fly free
For my Star to shine bright
And my mind to be as fertile as Olokun
Guided by the hands of Obatala
Bowing to all Beauty within and all around
A Cipher not to be disturbed.

The crowd are near
Like the Queen of France
They have come to take your head


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