Monthly Archives: January 2014

Learn To Swim

As it all cascades like waterfalls, I can’t believe
Can’t conceive it.
That something so dangerous could be home to broken bones and limbs.

In the depths of its beauty
An abyss lies there
Olokun greets you with a Wisdom known to few
So you retreat and run because You cannot possibly be one of those few?

Or does the beauty of the abyss ensnare your heart…
This love for the unknown and hunger for Wisdom?
Will you let Ọṣun plague your mind with her beauty?

Or raise your head far above The Water so you don’t drown after falling off of that Slave Ship?

From Me

Why do you perceive me by how you see me?
Take those black cloths off your eyes and understand the light heart that rests under this heavy satin dress.

I am but a child adorned in Silver and Gold
Taught to perform at your every whim
But don’t claim to know me when you know not my own whims, my own needs and problems.

But you’ll remember me when I’m gone
As they always do…
You’ll miss Me when I’m gone.

You’ll see Her when I’m gone

But I’ll leave a bit of Her behind for you before I go…

A bit of My Light, to take a way the dimness of Your Own.

Timed Eternity

For how long will my troubles worry me?
And for how long the alarm going of in my breast and in my head?

When will this sanity come to me and be part of me? A true hope and assurance?
A part of me I am yet to find…
I crave it.

The ability to function freely without pain and worry of death
How will I cope?

What will take the pain away?

Forever? Or was that too much to ask?
But surely as long as this World and our Universe has remained in tact for so long…

That anything is possible?

Forever to a creature of limited substance compares not to that of the days The Earth has known
The amount of Light The Sun has shown…

Lean not on your limited understanding.
Continue to seek.