Monthly Archives: September 2013

fruit of life & death

Ever bit into an apple
Sweet and rotten at the same time
Deceptively crunchy and bright on the outside

Chewing into your death
Licking and salivating at your pain to come.

Just trying to fill your stomach.

But why, oh why did you pick this tree?

Leaving you addicted to the sin of not loving yourself
Leading you from the God in yourself
Destroying your own ability to nurture nature.

So take a step back.
Run before the sins of your past catch you
Pray before The Universe refuses to not forgive you

Stop killing yourself with bittersweet tears of beauty once known
And embrace what is shown
But pick out what is love.

Physical Astronomy

You send shivers down my spine
They burn.
Cold alcoholic adrenaline
Drunk… On Love?
As cliché as the moment calls to be
The darkness of my nature
Pathetically seeking a Fallacy
Tries to reject you.
My mental defenses gather itself for your onslaught.My woods are now being rekindled.
The cleansing of my heart causing me to seethe at the teeth
Drawing a moan from the depths of my soul
My Universe being invaded
Saved.The Birth of Something New

For Life is never lost
Only transferred…

Let’s see what our Universe has in store for us My Love.

Set Me Ablaze

The pain of a thousand thoughts of love never leave
For when it’s pain your body grows in fear

Now I fear Love

Took my heart and blackened it with your lies
Wit, charm and intellect

Making me believe it was me that was found wanting.
The traitor amongst a pack of wolves

What I didn’t know was that you wasn’t part of my tribe
Just an imposter
Looking for their own gains
However necessary,

Shrewdly destroying my walls of security

Your guise ever so beguiling

My Woods
My home
My love.
You set ablaze, then disappeared into the depths of the night

Leaving me with only thoughts of helplessness and survival