My Animals

Teddy bears teddy bears
Toys from Toys R Us
Love, circling up above

Fantasy took a physical form in a little box room
In my mind
Below bed.

Little did I know what lay at rest.

I met a bear.
All consuming, strong
But stupid and completely affected.
From the brain to these feet
Those feet
Over protective
Forever traumatic.

I’ve met a kindred kind
A wolf before
A few wolves before
But when that lone wolf crosses The Storm.
Air and Water combining to lift and twist things from its form.
Creating new things in my mind
A new passion captured whilst so blind
Confused yet forceful
With direction…
But is it worth the elation?

I’ve met a few Eagles
Strange, intelligent
Emotionally raw
Forever soaring
Never stopping
Running from the capture of their own mind
Their animal mind.
Realisation will be the end of their flight.
So I try and make my mind more powerful
So they try and force a new attitude.

I’ve met…
And many others
And I am yet to meet more.


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