I sit here seething with blue bile
Yet to escape and flow crimson
I hold back the urge

But you, did not

You saw a light and thought to make it yours
I saw a flower and thought to show it love
But you deceived me

Stole my affections to add to your thorns
Growing weeds until you blocked the sun from all that would receive me

My light my light
I lose hope, my light

I lose sight, I lose love

I gain hate and lose my place above

My love was used to aid evil and I did not know
Used against me through my own willing hand
Affection, a compassionate blow
To my soul

Ripped and rugged from falling from the sky

You mock me.
Openly, mock me

Mock my love, my light and my affections

Malnourished my soul with words of hate and bitterness.

Who knew that this beautiful Eden was little more than a mirage
A deception that contains Evil.

Now I must strive to get back up again and burn more fiercely than once before

Poisonous gasses kill you.
The Universe will defeat you.


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