The Resurrection of Isolation

The darkest of rooms
Nothing but 2 chairs and a table
Candlelight flickering unstable
Ekoing in the deep crevice of my heart

Hot headed.
Irrational in my reality and my existence
I forget what I look like
Who I am

The ones who say they love and care for me only torment me the more
The ones who said they wanted me sucked me dry and discarded me

Venom like blood eats away at me
I can’t move or breathe
But hypothetically I still exist
In your Universe not mine

When the search for understanding is futile
And everything seems against you
What are you to do?
I ask because I do not know

You see I am all alone in this room
On this chair
At this table
I don’t fear the darkness, I just know it kills me

Something, someone
Come save me. Please.


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