Monthly Archives: August 2013

My Animals

Teddy bears teddy bears
Toys from Toys R Us
Love, circling up above

Fantasy took a physical form in a little box room
In my mind
Below bed.

Little did I know what lay at rest.

I met a bear.
All consuming, strong
But stupid and completely affected.
From the brain to these feet
Those feet
Over protective
Forever traumatic.

I’ve met a kindred kind
A wolf before
A few wolves before
But when that lone wolf crosses The Storm.
Air and Water combining to lift and twist things from its form.
Creating new things in my mind
A new passion captured whilst so blind
Confused yet forceful
With direction…
But is it worth the elation?

I’ve met a few Eagles
Strange, intelligent
Emotionally raw
Forever soaring
Never stopping
Running from the capture of their own mind
Their animal mind.
Realisation will be the end of their flight.
So I try and make my mind more powerful
So they try and force a new attitude.

I’ve met…
And many others
And I am yet to meet more.


I sit here seething with blue bile
Yet to escape and flow crimson
I hold back the urge

But you, did not

You saw a light and thought to make it yours
I saw a flower and thought to show it love
But you deceived me

Stole my affections to add to your thorns
Growing weeds until you blocked the sun from all that would receive me

My light my light
I lose hope, my light

I lose sight, I lose love

I gain hate and lose my place above

My love was used to aid evil and I did not know
Used against me through my own willing hand
Affection, a compassionate blow
To my soul

Ripped and rugged from falling from the sky

You mock me.
Openly, mock me

Mock my love, my light and my affections

Malnourished my soul with words of hate and bitterness.

Who knew that this beautiful Eden was little more than a mirage
A deception that contains Evil.

Now I must strive to get back up again and burn more fiercely than once before

Poisonous gasses kill you.
The Universe will defeat you.

Candy Store

A scent of sweet rosewater to start the day
A phone call can ruin the day.
An acquaintance complains at my isolation and self-righteous rebellion

The Haribos from Tesco
Special addition
Remember the smurfs?
Who would have thought little blue men of ignorant innocence would taste so good?

Giving you a pleasure
A sensational sinful pleasure
Something that spills into your veins and takes over your biology.

Short lived of course.
A destructive Soma.

I can’t seem to keep these birds at bay
I thought I was the provider, but I feel like the prey.
The Sinner
The wrong doer.

He said he like Sadism but wasn’t ready to admit it yet
His soul was still fretting at all the secrets he kept.

Artificial cola bottles giving me life
Eating hearts and stealing hearts alike

Dementors in the shapes and forms of friends
Acquaintances in a real sense
Ekow in my mind

A free lolly and a chewing gum from My Love
Sweet artificial orange like cherry
Alluring and as seductive as a trained Egyptian Princess
Her tongue rolls over the small orb.
She feels dangerous.
In my mind She is
So I feel fearful
Pushed to stretch my nerves to the T

So I free myself of this vanity. Seeking solace in none other than me
Losing friends and even family
All in this desire to be free from this addictive sugary pleasure

For if I don’t, my teeth will rot
My body become insane and bloated
My blood rancid
And my soul will weep at the treatment of myself.

The Resurrection of Isolation

The darkest of rooms
Nothing but 2 chairs and a table
Candlelight flickering unstable
Ekoing in the deep crevice of my heart

Hot headed.
Irrational in my reality and my existence
I forget what I look like
Who I am

The ones who say they love and care for me only torment me the more
The ones who said they wanted me sucked me dry and discarded me

Venom like blood eats away at me
I can’t move or breathe
But hypothetically I still exist
In your Universe not mine

When the search for understanding is futile
And everything seems against you
What are you to do?
I ask because I do not know

You see I am all alone in this room
On this chair
At this table
I don’t fear the darkness, I just know it kills me

Something, someone
Come save me. Please.