Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Fears

I once used to cry for sleep to come to me
When my dreams were bliss and fake to me

Crying and shaking
Frail and grotesque, no matter the matter
Crying and shaking.

Black Cats plaguing me at night
Sinister with hate and anger in those made-up lit eyes

Demons from another world, the underworld
Make evil deals before me
Plotting on my downfall and the reign on my sanity

The fears caused by those eyes
The ever intrusive stranger as I close my eyes
Loathing and retching at my existence
Come to strip me of my attempted normality

As time turned my fears became reality and manifested itself in banality and hateful connections
Rejections of my soul and mind.

And that’s how The Fears came into existence.


Thorns creep and take me by the neck

Submission, he whispers deep into the crevice of my collar bone


My mind weary from torment I scream

Black fire, he sings



Take me out of this dream.

Give me a new scene


Or touch.


So I can feel

But not too much


Lest it consumes me like he who talks to me in my head.



Your Summer, My Spring

They say it Summer
But everyone is stuck in spring.
A hive of activity
Delicate as a spring.

Emotionally taught atmosphere
Self-awareness to the T
My oxygen’s your oxygen
Why does that feel so strange to me?

Blooming uncontrollably
Good and Evil alike
As I stand and watch oh so painfully
Whilst other gloriously express their delight

Being part of the world
Being part of life
Who would of thought it be so draining for me
Forever causing me a fright.

But I await for my time to blossom and shine
As the days go by and there is barely any night, somehow my darkness knows no boundaries and blocks my sight.

See sometimes it overwhelms me
Other times it astounds me

But I hope I’ll always be, the Rose that never gets cut off.