You Look Lost

As you try and gaze deep within my soul
I revoke.
All levels of connection all levels of emotional bliss and provocation

8 Deadly Sins come out play.
For there is no purity when you pray.
Prey on me.

You are not that predator at night and the philosopher by day
You are not he that devoureth me in the garden
He is no Adam, I am no Eve

But you see now I have complexities, that even you and even him
Cannot fathom

And stop delving into these bleak souls for the only one lost, is your own.


One thought on “You Look Lost

  1. irisoniris says:

    Wow I simply adored all the layers in this. Deep and echoing. The imagery was impeccable and the language, fiercely intelligent. The brevity was perfect. Thank you for the inspiration.

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