As we gather as one entity
Blowing trees and listening to lyrical MCs

There is only me, among
Attempting to integrate
To pregnate this feeling of isolation

Even when a star tries to draw me
My Sun wants to destroy me
Holds me
Negativity and Positivity

But who am I to feel this?
Man, even planets, 
Align with one another

Circle of life
Create the balance of your steps
Not necessarily straight, but narrow. 

Comets will come
And Tsunamis seem to overcome

But stand strong. 
On that rock
That God particle.


As the fiery tongue of the dragon licks my neck
I look up above my head and see
My saviours
My beautiful angels. 
Goodness and Mercy...

Why do you look at me so?
Can you not remember the oath I told?

Please save me

I am of water
This fire shall evaporate me. 

But my sisters fight for me
Colours of the sea, the deepest lagoons, resonate in their hair

Each of their glory my new type of strength

The Angels were keeping watch all along

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