Monthly Archives: June 2013


You never hear them
I’ll never express them, in ways you can see and hear with everything of your reality

For in my reality I am lost
Complying with yours to keep you sane
While a nail is slowly being driven through my brain

You see my screams with that third eye
It’s something of the soul not of this distortion called reality

But what is this? I am not alone.
Others scream with me
Not in Unity
But in absence of their own sanity

To ears and those eyes that can’t fathom me and all others as we struggle with life in vanity

That Man in me is sad for me
For I have misplaced my divinity given so graciously

What can rid me of these screams?

Tar Roses

As the dark liquid tar burns over my heart, I remember
I remember why I fled this mirage
I wanted truth
But all I got was lies

My heart melts then solidifies
My mind is an anxious box
Pandora’s possession and free reign
The spirit of suppressed emotion coming forth like a young girl possessed

Innocent evil
Or is it flavoured with age?

My eyes are too clouded by the clouds coming from my box
A sky on fire. Clouds of smoke.
My mind is on fire
And up in smoke

You are my flames.
You have brought me Pandora’s pain.

The Woods

Why do you love me then leave
Take me to this luxury
My mental Eden, then discard our connection

Once bountiful and plenty
Now barren and dry.
A wilderness.

Wolves circle me at night
I cry out for your safety and your covering
This thing you gave me then took away so brutally

But there you are again.
Midsummer’s night
What a dream in those eyes.
I see the planes of God in those eyes

I just have one wish
To make you mine.
To possess until request of your release
But never a matter of slavery
For I want your freedom to be

And I say be free
And leave me in this wilderness
Until you are free to have me
Free to want me
Care to have me…

You Look Lost

As you try and gaze deep within my soul
I revoke.
All levels of connection all levels of emotional bliss and provocation

8 Deadly Sins come out play.
For there is no purity when you pray.
Prey on me.

You are not that predator at night and the philosopher by day
You are not he that devoureth me in the garden
He is no Adam, I am no Eve

But you see now I have complexities, that even you and even him
Cannot fathom

And stop delving into these bleak souls for the only one lost, is your own.

Cupid’s Chokehold

Cupid’s Chokehold
Chokes the life from my lungs

Squeezes my heart red
And batters my death till it’s blue

Mice of my mind
Eating at the strength of it
Making it more unbearable
This house of cards
And filth
And mold

Uncleanly means of cleanliness
Bitterness floods these taps
Never warm but cold
And painful
And stinging

Cupid’s chokehold is but a tale of myths
But the chokehold itself lives on

Eden’s Theory

You ensalve me
You rape me
And demean me

The bain of my existence
The Rib of death granted life by default

The repulsion
Regurgitation of my soul’s fruit

I spew you out
Like a volcanoe and it’s emotion of great magnitude
I pay you no gratitude for the pain you have done me
No price can outbid me
And my soul’s fight
For freedom


As we gather as one entity
Blowing trees and listening to lyrical MCs

There is only me, among
Attempting to integrate
To pregnate this feeling of isolation

Even when a star tries to draw me
My Sun wants to destroy me
Holds me
Negativity and Positivity

But who am I to feel this?
Man, even planets, 
Align with one another

Circle of life
Create the balance of your steps
Not necessarily straight, but narrow. 

Comets will come
And Tsunamis seem to overcome

But stand strong. 
On that rock
That God particle.


As the fiery tongue of the dragon licks my neck
I look up above my head and see
My saviours
My beautiful angels. 
Goodness and Mercy...

Why do you look at me so?
Can you not remember the oath I told?

Please save me

I am of water
This fire shall evaporate me. 

But my sisters fight for me
Colours of the sea, the deepest lagoons, resonate in their hair

Each of their glory my new type of strength

The Angels were keeping watch all along