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Explain your love

I reject the world.

Why are you the way you are

I try to conform to the way you are.

Sleepless nights, endless fantasy.

Tell me what happened

The world crashes and there is no world

Time and space exist and coexist and dimensions are insane.

Trickle trickle

Pins and needles.

Why can you not do it?

Drive a wretch through my mind

fix the bolts by ending this life

What’s wrong

Fire fire, silver fire

Pull through down my arm

Eventually a carving is made

Eventually this body will trickle freedom.



In fields of snow

Will you hear me go?

Will you hear me weep

And not pity me so?


Instead fly like Pegasus.

Ancient old element.

They say Helen’s cup loved you too.

For even powerful men cannot resist a blow of nature.

A gift from The God and gods.


Do you hear me in the field

Washed and dewy

Examine it carefully.

You know?

Not everything you share with me.


For I see your light and desire to quench it

File it, imprison and contain it.


See all of this land is my property

Please have some propriety

and respect this famous poltergeist’s feast on your democracy.






Prolificty of Evil

Through man and through God

Through Earth and into the heavens


Open your eyes and see the strings of fear.


But don’t cut them

Or your hegemonic nose will grow

And reality will end as so




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I want you to take me high

High enough

So when I drop, I shatter into a million pieces

Make sure I never feel again

Or remember a thing


Be my dark angel

Entertain me with your spirituality

Strip with me with your power.


A story made for tragedy.

Determined to end in light


Our predestined destruction.


To vie for the chains shackles and instruments

Old slavery of the heart and mind.


Stoned for every tear dropped

Ounce of affection shown



Then to disgrace.


To Breakdown

To Unbound

To Obliterate


Make blue cells turn red

While the chains increasingly squeeze The Life Chamber


Elation elation

Elevation in the destruction


As blue turns red

The Transcendental Chamber grows

Coated with sapphires and quartz

Nectars of Life

Desire and Destruction.


Treasure Trove of the mind.