Brother A's Writings

My biggest fear was that I wasn’t clean enough,

My biggest prayer was ‘Lord, purify me”.

You see, at almost 23, I still fight the battles of entering the faith at 17,

So what comforts me?

What’s my assurance?

What doesn’t tell me that I am surely secured in His love,

Battle of the mind, 21st century freedom is “well, i haven’t done it in 3weeks”,

But my Spirit screams out “I’ve received the spirit of sonship, not the spirit of fear into bondage to fear”, You just don’t know WHO YOU ARE.


Identity crisis,

Affirmation from men instead of my pursuit of Him,

But if i was stripped naked,

What would you say? With what you see,

Because to hell with hypocrisy,

I can be quick to say “woe is me”,

But still my Spirit echoes the word: Your goal is to look like me (God).



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