As He Sleeps…

As he lies there to go to sleep
She lies there awake
Dwelling and bearing the iniquities of both their sin
She lays there with her stomach filled with seed
For what will come of her next.
From the beginning of time she has beared the sin of both of them, all due to her desire to love and be loved.
She will be blamed for a magnitude of sins
Even those committed against her
Her desire for this thing called love will lead her astray into the depths of the abyss.
She may be lost forever
Or there could be one who may find her
And uplift her
Crown her with jewels soo expensive, yet in their eyes, can still not measure up to her worth.
As the stresses and burdens of life overwhelm her, she will be upheld by this one
Clothed by him, to hide her nakedness and her shame
The shame that she has hid for years
For every hair that has lengthened, changed colour and fell off
She has hid this shame in her bosom
Letting many see it, but having only the one rescue her from it.

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