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I & I

You see

My I dislikes me

Envies me and tortures me


I am I’s competition

The manifestation of Social Darwinism


I love I

So why does I fear me?


You see in this world of misinterpretation and over calculations

We forget You am I


Bound in my spirit and in my soul

Written in the book of life in places unknown


If only you would embrace I and love I

The way I should embrace you

For you are my I, and I yours


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Brother A's Writings

My biggest fear was that I wasn’t clean enough,

My biggest prayer was ‘Lord, purify me”.

You see, at almost 23, I still fight the battles of entering the faith at 17,

So what comforts me?

What’s my assurance?

What doesn’t tell me that I am surely secured in His love,

Battle of the mind, 21st century freedom is “well, i haven’t done it in 3weeks”,

But my Spirit screams out “I’ve received the spirit of sonship, not the spirit of fear into bondage to fear”, You just don’t know WHO YOU ARE.


Identity crisis,

Affirmation from men instead of my pursuit of Him,

But if i was stripped naked,

What would you say? With what you see,

Because to hell with hypocrisy,

I can be quick to say “woe is me”,

But still my Spirit echoes the word: Your goal is to look like me (God).



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3-D Cube

There she stands




the object of humiliative scrutiny


I look.

Her tears her discomfort

i feel nothing… So i continue.


The torture rises through my actions

my early mornings

And my late nights.

The amalgamation


Trapped in a box mirror with continuous gilded frames


Waiting for it to shatter


i can go on no longer, She needs me

I can feel her, taste her

I am Her.


Please… Help Me free Me

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They say light exposes all

But what if I tell you that my light is of a different shade


A different matter


For the darkness helps me to master, manipulate and encounter my light


My truth cannot be shown in the light

For it blends too easily


Instead I must go to the abyss,

To the Land of the Dead,

And search for my Light.

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As He Sleeps…

As he lies there to go to sleep
She lies there awake
Dwelling and bearing the iniquities of both their sin
She lays there with her stomach filled with seed
For what will come of her next.
From the beginning of time she has beared the sin of both of them, all due to her desire to love and be loved.
She will be blamed for a magnitude of sins
Even those committed against her
Her desire for this thing called love will lead her astray into the depths of the abyss.
She may be lost forever
Or there could be one who may find her
And uplift her
Crown her with jewels soo expensive, yet in their eyes, can still not measure up to her worth.
As the stresses and burdens of life overwhelm her, she will be upheld by this one
Clothed by him, to hide her nakedness and her shame
The shame that she has hid for years
For every hair that has lengthened, changed colour and fell off
She has hid this shame in her bosom
Letting many see it, but having only the one rescue her from it.

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Oh the ink that forms from blood
The mind seeps
Yet it is still heavy

Thy heart weeps
Yet it never runs dry

Lungs heaving
Oxygen still freely rushing by

How thoust has destroyed me
Saw my Star and hunted me
Tore me and misused me

And then You turned round and saw you in me
What God have you indulged yourself with that falsified your power?

My pains no know no power nor action
They are at my foundation

The blood that bleeds from my soul,
waters my mind.

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Robots of flesh

Come to stalk me


At the root of their existence and the depths of their souls.


My programming is malfunctioning

Their language is infuriating

My soul is gathering



Fight or Flight is asks me?

I quieten her

For she is not part of my programming.

So why does she come? And where does she come from?

Does she not see her revelation will will bring about her internal Armageddon?

Silence yourself.

You have no place here.

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The Search.

It was all a lie

The smiles.

The Love.

The Lights… My dreams.

Foolish human of no consequence

Do you not see the sins you commit with your lustful fearful desires of love?

Cut, for it is plastic.

Kill, it makes no indentation amongst existence

When you wake you will know

That I am always here for you

In you

I am you

For you are made of me.

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The seemingly endless film

Reels and reels of black tape

A repetition

But White Lady I yearn for you

Because nothing has ever felt so real

Throws of passion naught compare to the joy when I laid my eyes on you

And this is my demise

My ending

My finishing.

For that means I am in the wrong play.

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The solidarity of my soul pains


The sin of my mind

For you strip me

I turn to run

But you find me

In the isolated caves

The deepest valleys

For now I am at the peak

If I fall, if I jump… I fear I’ll never hit

For this is it… this is my fate

How precious.

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