The single rose morphs into a forest
Crushing and strangling me
My blood fertilising the soil
Sapping me of my soul

The refreshing well engulfs me and drowns me
Stripping me of my oxygen

What once kept me safe now endangers me

Hell is on Earth.
All the demons are here.

The fire that kept me warm, made my food, gave me a reason to hope
Chokes me
Dehydrates me
I run
Fire my aura
My fuel
I am consumed.
A never ending statue of ash
Crumbling at the harshness of the elements

My Guardian Angel turns out to be the Grim Reaper… Someone must’ve changed their name tags

Sometimes… Most times
I think it’s God
The devil is too feeble to establish this kind of punishment

The God of Love…
Is the God of wrath

And they have cometh through the elements

The hug that once embraced me
Soothed me
And worshipped me
Now strikes me.
With the same force used in that of love
But shown through fear

My bones crush and deteriorate
(My dreams crush and deteriorate)
My veins explode and my heart burst
(My plans explode and burst)

It seems all of
And Olodumare are against me

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