I was made to worship thee

I was made to worship thee
To make a pilgrimage whenever thou is good to me
Even when the times are bad I will offer up my worship
For I was made to worship thee

The wonder as I caress your soft arched back
Your round soft mounds, like hills rolling
They create the perfect atmosphere
The perfect scenery

Your long smooth legs come like the pillars of a sacred temple
A thousand men can work to create such beauty, but only God can truly bestow it

And between those holy pillars can be found that sweet nectar of life
The life of the world
The source of all creation
It is this nectar I drink from after my verbal worship
My oral praise
No honey, sugar or fruit can compare
Despite the fact they enhance the flavour of this nectar

Those lips that can issue a blessing or a curse, are made of the finest sugar
Warmest fires
And the heated furnaces.
They enjoy my worship, for they express their wish for more
In tongues spoken from ancient times, only understood between the worshipped and the worshipper
These tongues that this mouth speaketh, soft as cotton, heighten with my worship
Strengthen with my praise

The back arches further
Curving to the shape of my palms

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